Hey everyone, today I am going to talk about a website called ‘Khan academy’ it is an educational website, where you can do math’s, science, grammar, computer science, history, geography and all sorts of educational stuff.

I am going to talk about the coding so lets get straight to it, well first you have to watch the intro, then the the first video that shows you what to do, and then you do the first project, you can do the first one intro to js: (java script) drawing and animation or the second one intro to html/css: making webpages, there are some other ones but those are making games and stuff like that.

So yeah it’s fun to do in your free time.

One more thing, I want share my progress with you, so the first one, intro js drawing and animation I am 69%  through , and the second one, intro to html/css: making webpages I am 54% through.

Well that’s it for now, see ya guys soon. 🙂


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