Hey guys, sorry i haven’t posted for ages (quite a few months actually) i have been quite buisy lately. 🙂

Anyway let’s get straight to it, well one time we heard some meowing so we went to the balcony and saw a skinny little cat, who turned out to be a girl, she is a brown and black tabby with a few splotches of ginger and she has green eyes, we gave her some milk and now she sleeps on our balcony every night, and not to long ago we realized she had a two brothers who are both ginger tabbyish with amber-green eyes. first (after a lot of trying ) we managed to get the bigger one to come on our balcony (he turned out to be a real softy, quite a lapcat actually) then the little one came on after a while, he is almost identical to his brother but his face is more slim, his eyes are always half shut and he has spots on his side while the bigger one has stripes on his side a more chubby face and his eyes are always open (exept for when his asleep.), so anyway all the cats sleep, play and eat one our balcony now. 🙂

Well thats it for now, see ya later. 🙂


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