Inscape is an app that you install on your laptop, it’s a sort of offline editor for drawing  logos and stuff like that, the other day my sister found a YouTube channel called Nick Saporito, he draws all sorts of stuff like logos and 3D impossible hexagons, he has lots of videos for beginners, which are really good and easy to follow. if you follow his easy steps you will be making logos and all sorts of things in no time. he even has 5 videos called Inkscape explained, where he explains what some of Inkscape’s features really do.

I have Inkscape 0.91, here is a picture of a logo I made. 😉



The middle one is the original one, the other two are duplicates.

Here is the link to a video if you ever want to know how screenshot something.

The second one works for anything, that’s what I used for the picture of the logo.

Well that’s it for now, see ya 🙂




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