Sallams guys, sorry i didn’t post the pics yet i have been quite busy lately and also the pics are on the ipad which my bros are using.

well anyway as the title tells you my cats died or so we think someone could have taken them, well one day Asad just disappeared and didn’t come back then Aqsa it was the same thing with her, but the day before yesterday it was raining we were eating lunch but my sister decided to look out of the window and she saw something ginger on the road and you can probably guess what happened but anyway, we went outside to look and there was Spots lying dead on the road we thought a car hit his head because the blood was coming out of his ears he was lying on his side and under him there was a bit of blood, we took him to a big ditch in front our flats, lay him down and covered him with grass then my brother Usayd said to my mum “can we put some more grass on him so he doesn’t feel cold” my mum told him the cat can’t feel anything anymore because he has returned to Allah.

    إِنَّا للهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

 is part of a verse from the Quran which means 

“we surely belong to Allah and to him we shall return”.

just as spots has returned to Allah.

i will try to post the pics tomorrow, well that’s it for today, see ya.

PS: check out my sisters blog Safiyyah’s super world for pics of our cat actual house cat Jinnan who is in London with my grandad.

PPS: don’t forget to check out my brothers blog Ubaydah’s big world.


4 thoughts on “My cats died

  1. Straight to the point title!

    ~ So sad, immediately my heart jumped when I read the bit about the cat on the road 😦 I feel your pain you know…… When you catch the maniac who ran your cat over, send him over to me! I’ll deal him a heck of a punishment 👊

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