Carrot and orange cupcakes!!! 😀

My brother Ubaydah baked carrot and orange zest cupcakes this weekend because he finished Juz Amma, he was so excited because it was his first time baking without my mums help and they came out really nice.

They were really soft and orangey (even thought there was only orange zest in there), instead of eating it with cream cheese like most carrot cakes, we ate it with chocolate pudding. The puddings comes in different flavours such as banana, strawberry, chocolate and more, it is a powder sold in little packets, you pour it into a pot, then add 750ml of milk, put it on the cooker and stir for about 4-5 mins and serve hot. 😉

go to my brothers blog ubaydahsbigworld to see pics, ingredients and instructions.

see ya. 🙂



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