Hey guys!!! 🙂

Today’s movie is called “Everybody’s baby” it is a true story about a baby-toddler girl named Jessica McClure known as “baby Jessica”. While Jessica’s mother was a babysitting some toddlers in her sisters backyard, she got a phone call, so she left the toddlers as well as her own baby daughter outside and went to answer the phone. While her mother was gone, baby Jessica was playing and fell down an 8 inch abandoned well, when her mother came back after a couple of minutes and couldn’t find her, she thought her daughter was playing hide and seek, then when she turned around two of the toddlers pointed at the well, so she went to the well and called out Jessica’s name, then she heard Jessica moaning and realised she had fallen down the well.

She then got really panicked and called the police and told them what happened so they came and…

Well I can’t spoil the whole story for you, all I can say is that it is a really sad but good movie.

You should watch it some time and don’t forget to come back every Sunday for a new movie recommendation and also if you need to find a movie quickly you can always head over to my new Movie Recommendations page. 🙂

Catch ya soon. 😀

PS: here is the link to the movie on YouTube .


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