Sallams guys today’s movie is a true story about a brave 5 year old girl called Ruby Bridges.

She was a very smart black girl who lived in america at the time of segregation, she lived with her mother Lucille , father Abon and i think she had a brother and sister, she went to Johnson Lockett Elementary School, but when she was 6 she and 5 other girls was chosen by an organization called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to go to William Frantz Public School which was a school for whites. The organization had to escort her and her mum all the way there and when they got there there was a whole crowd of whites screaming and shouting and calling her names when they finally pushed there way through and into the building all the teachers ran away from them as if they had a disease and then they had to go to the head-teachers room, they had to wait there for a very long time because apparently “the school wasn’t prepared”, they ended up waiting there for the whole day. The organization had to escort them every day, the next day when they got there they went to the class room and the teacher and all the students ran out of the building.

There was a new teacher who just joined the school, she was from north america and wasn’t like all the rest of the Americans she decided to teach Ruby…

I won’t spoil any more of the movie for you, i think it was a good family movie.

To watch it click here.

Catch ya’ll later. 🙂


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