Sorry i didn’t post this on Sunday we went out and when we came home I completely forgot to post it and on Monday well, you know how the first day of the week is… 😦

Today’s movie is called The Book Thief, it is about a girl named Liesel Meminger at the time of world war 2 in Germany, her father abandoned the family, her brother died when they were fleeing from the war and her mother was forced to send her to a foster home.

Leisel had dark brown eyes and blonde hair, she didn’t know how to read or write, she was adopted by the Hubermanns, she befriends her neighbor, a boy named Rudy and goes to school with him, when she learnt to read she discovered that she loved words and books, and she being the book thief ended up stealing book from bonfires, mansions and snow. 😀

Her foster father Hans Hubermann, was a German soldier in the world war 1, he developed a close relationship with Liesel who didn’t know how to read or write and her foster father didn’t have a great knowledge of reading and writing himself so they learnt together and wrote down every new word they learnt on the wall in the basement of which’s walls soon became a dictionary.

Her foster mother Rosa Hubermann was very strict and rather grumpy because they were very poor and had just about enough money to feed themselves and so she had to do washing and ironing for some of the wealthier people to earn money.

Her neighbor Rudy Steiner had lemon colored hair and blue eyes, he loves running and once painted himself black with coal (like his favorite runner Jesse Owens) and ran one hundred meters, he soon attracted the Nazi Party officials leading to an attempted recruit and he soon became Liesel’s best friend.

Hans Hubermann fought alongside a man in war and they soon became close friends, he saved Hans life and so Hans promised he would help the mans family, so when his Jewish son Max came seeking shelter from the Nazi’s Hans agreed to let him stay in the basement where no one would find him, Max soon became friends with Liesel and they shared there passion for books.

The book of The Book Thief is narrated by death, if you want to read it click here.

And to watch the movie click here, just make sure you have ad-blocker installed on your device.

See ya’ll next time. 🙂



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