Sorry for the delay in posting this I wasn’t to sure if I should post this weeks movie because it is not very appropriate for boys because they don’t dress properly.

Soul Surfer is based on a true story, it is about a girl named Bethany Hamilton, her whole family are surfers, and she lived in Hawaii with her mother, father and two older brothers.

Bethany was a great surfer, she competed in national surf competitions with her best friend Alana, one day when she was with Alana’s father,  Alana and I think it was Alana’s brother too a tiger shark attacked them and bit off Bethany’s left arm, she was very calm and didn’t scream (she was told later that the fact that she didn’t scream may have saved her life) she had to surf to the reef with one arm, from there Alana’s brother ran to the car to call the ambulance and Bethany’s parents, meanwhile Alana’s dad wrapped Bethany’s arm with his T-shirt to stop the bleeding and they dragged her onto the beach, then they carried her to the car and they started driving so that they could meet the ambulance quickly whilst it was still driving there.

The rest of the movie shows how she learns to do things with one arm and how she got back into the ocean and started surfing again, and she even competed in national surfing competitions again.

At the end of the movie it shows some pictures of the real Bethany and it said that she became a professional surfer.

As I said at the beginning it is more of a girls movie and is not very appropriate for boys.

To watch Soul Surfer click HERE.

Se y’all next time. 🙂

PS: I forgot to tell you that last week we also watched another movie called Little Women it is more of a girls movie, as it shows the lives of four sister, to watch Little Women click HERE.



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