Sallams guys, today’s movie is called The Boy In The Striped Pajamas. But before i start the review I wanted to tell you about a website called Common Sense Media, it tells how much violence and bad bits there are in movies and books and stuff, the movie is recommended for 14+ which we only realized after we watched  it… and I wouldn’t recommend watching it with young kids…

Today’s review is only going to be short…

Well the movie is about an 8-year-old boy named Bruno, who lived with his mother, father and sister Gretel in Germany, his father was a soldier and when he was given a promotion the family had to move to the countryside.

From Bruno’s bedroom window he could see a camp although he though it was a farm and in the camp they imprisoned Jewish people and got them to work very hard. Bruno’s mother was not very happy about the camp being so close to their house but his father said he didn’t know Bruno would be able to see it from his bedroom window. The house was guarded by some soldiers but one day Bruno sneaked out from a door in the garden to were there was a sort of shed he then climbed out of the window into the forest behind he wandered around he soon found himself by a tall wire fence, there was a little boy inside the fence, the two boys soon became friends and played games through the fence, the boy’s name was Shmuel and Bruno would bring the boy some food, later on Bruno found out that Shmuel was a Jew although he still though the camp was a farm, but before long he wasn’t so sure about that anymore.

One day when Bruno sneaked out again he found Shmuel sitting down Shmuel said he father had gone missing so the boys figured out a plan to try to find him.

But what happens when Bruno goes missing…

Click here to find out.

Well that’s it see y’all. 🙂

PS: from now on I am going to post my movie recommendations at the end/beginning of the week.


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