Hey guys, sorry for the delay, I was quite busy this week sorting some stuff out.

Today’s movie is called October Sky it is based on a true story and is based in a  little town called Coalwood in the 1950s it is about a boy called Homer Hickam and his 3 friends.

Homer like most people was just going to work in the mine but on October 1957 the first artificial satellite, Sputnik went into orbit, he was fascinated by it, and one day he decided he  wanted to build a rocket, so Homer, his 2 friends and the local nerd built a rocket in Homer’s basement and they put it on the fence and they set it off but it exploded and partially broke the fence, they built another rocket and when they launched it, it headed towards the coal mine they ran after it Homer’s dad found it and told Homer that he is not allowed to launch them on company property, so they found a plain gravel hill-top to test their rockets, but what happens when Homer and his friends are accused of starting a fire with one of their rockets and they cannot prove themselves innocent because they lost the rocket when it took off…

Click here to find out.

Well guys see y’all soon.

PS: from now on I will post the movie recommendations between Sunday and Friday.


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