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Please spread the word and check out the channel!!!

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Sallams please check out my Dads YouTube channel CorEDNet tuition. Where he teaches maths. He also has a website Check out the logo my sister Nusaybah made it on inkscape. For more info check out safiyyah’s super world and nusaybah’s secret world

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My dads business…..

Please help spread the word….!

Safiyyah's Super World!!!

Assalamu Alaykum wr wb,

I’m excited to be sharing my Dad’s business with you!!!

On the site you can sign up for online I/GCSE mathematics, which covers core mathematical topics. This business is unique because it is targeted at Muslims and kids that are preparing for their 2017 exams.

Website, which contains blog:

Facebook page:

Youtube Channel:

Email address :

Skype ID :

THAT’S MY DAD RIGHT THERE!!!! 😀    BTW the child talking at the end is my brother, Ubi!

Plz help us out by spreading the word, subscribing to the site and channel and supporting us!!!!

Keep reading because you can sign up for a live webinar for just £3.00 a session!!!! 😉

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Salams guys, my Dad has made an online maths tuition service, he called it COREDNET short for Cordoba Education Network where he teaches I/GCSE maths. Here are the courses we have so far along with some extras... 20% of your first month (code is at the bottom of the page) Private online sessions Group webinar …