Movie #2 Ruby Bridges

Sallams guys today's movie is a true story about a brave 5 year old girl called Ruby Bridges. She was a very smart black girl who lived in america at the time of segregation, she lived with her mother Lucille , father Abon and i think she had a brother and sister, she went to Johnson Lockett … Continue reading Movie #2 Ruby Bridges


Inspiration Manifestation  

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In this post I’ll tell you how I come up with my poems! 😀

So it starts as The title, always the title and then I build the poems structure in my head. So a random title pops in my head and right away I build the first line. The beginning line has to be catchy, warm but in most cases it ends up sinister. 😛 in the end it all depends on the poems tone.

So once I have my first line I just try to come up with the rhythm and make a rough draft of the poem in my head. When I got the rough copy of the poem I get straight to writing and editing it!

The poem may be based on real life experiences and emotions, or just my imagination. Some of my poems are about the seasons, some of them even come from just…

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Anybody’s capable of making a blog

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Anybody’s capable of making a blog if people make fun of your blog or bully or say your writings bad  ignore them everybody has there ups and downs . Just write anything about what you do or were you went anything even if it’s about what you had for breakfast my advice is just write be strong I went through things like that. If you need any feedback you can ask me, my brother Mr. D and my cousin Bushra  I will give the links to there blog’s at the end of this post. Don’t worry everybody needs feedback sometime I need feedback from you guys to that’s it for now folks see you later.

Mr.D’s blog   Bushra’s blog Oh and by the way check my other cousins blog she made it the other day Salams.


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